Journey through another way

We all have journeys.

Somehow, along the way, however, we individually feel alone and isolated. And the truth is, we are on our own individual journeys.

The parents with young children in the middle of a divorce. The mom grieving the tragic loss of her adult child. The middle age man feeling aimless, wondering why he never got married or had kids. The woman battling stage 4 cancer, still working, and still trying to put a smile on her face for her kindergarten age children. The family with a special needs child now requiring government assistance.roadwork

Do you see what I mean?

Then I turn inward and look at my own struggle. 3 1/2 years. 3 1/2 years trudging through tear soaked difficulties in hopes of another baby. Then, I’m reminded that my journey through infertility can also feel completely isolating and lonely. Like no one understands all the emotions, the desperation, the daily struggle.

And the truth is, do any of us really know the exact way anyone feels?


But do we still try anyway to do our best to be there and support those struggling by whatever means possible? Absolutely.

The message I hoped to share is this: Sometimes it just takes a change in perspective. That despite our different, struggling journeys, we are all just trying to trudge through life the best way we know how. Some days or months or years have too many road blocks, bends, or turns.

This is when we need others to brace us, reach across the aisle or the divide, and give us a guiding light. Empathy. Support. A shoulder to hold onto. A warm meal. Anything really.

Even amidst the pain, we each have a beautiful gift. A gift to offer hope to someone, whose journey looks entirely different from our own. Through a conversation, a connection, and through a gentle reminder that despite our differences, they are not alone.

Instead of staying in my grief, I choose to keep searching, hoping, falling on my face, and looking for places to shine a light outward and ultimately, to hopefully keep moving forward.

Do you know anyone in need of support or hope but don’t feel experienced enough, feel like you can’t relate, or you feel like you aren’t in the “best place”? Offer empathy in any way you know how. And remember light is contagious. We’re in this journey of life together.

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