Heart Singing

What makes your heart sing?
Right now, books speak to me. Thinking about books, diving into a good book, and getting completely and utterly lost in a book. Books have the uncanny ability to make this world seem a little less harsh and a little more livable.


There are days that grief, sadness, and fear seem to overwhelm me.

But is there anything better than knowing there’s a safe place? A nest, if you will. A cozy safe haven to hunker down until we regain our strength again. The strength may take hours, days, weeks, months. But eventually, it seeps back in and we regain some semblance of ourselves again.


I think of books as the life blood. A balance. A refueling of sorts. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, romance, biography, or historical in nature, I drift off into a different world. The world envelops me and surrounds me in a soothing blanket, whispering reminders of peace and contentment in life.booksbreath

It puts me in someone else’s shoes and gives me a fresh perspective I would have never had the opportunity to view unless I took the first leap of cracking open the first few pages. Once those pages are turned, I’m transported to the middle of a jungle, the middle of post war 18th century, in a hospital room, or to a tiny house in an ordinary suburban neighborhood. And in an instant, I have travelled somewhere distant, beyond my current state.

Delving into new characters reminds me I’m not alone in my varying thoughts, my endless, wild dreams, hopes, and fears. Books seem to ground me to humanity. Giving me hope for my future.bookdream

So today, I’m grateful for books. For their ever-evolving meaning in my life. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry while I read. And other times I weep.

As I continue to share my story through my blog, I hope I shed some light on what has helped me hold on, clinging to that ray of hope found in books. Today my ray of light is
the thought and significance of books.
3 most recent reads that have sparked rejuvenation to my heart and soul are:


A Man Called Ove

When Infertility Books Aren’t Enough: Embracing Hope During Infertility


Of Mess and Moxie
**I actually laughed so hard, I cried!!! A must read. Inspirational, uplifting and encouraging. Jen Hatmaker is a BOSS!



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