Seeking the Spring

Breezy, sunny weather whispers Spring is here. The Easter season brings a reminder of hope. Of new life. Of creating. And for me at this moment, to begin exploring. To begin anew.

A huge portion of this infertility journey seems to always want to knock me down, and yet each time I manage to claw and climb my way back out of the black hole. I feel battered and jaded after I climb back into life. But I’m here. Then, I look to one thing to begin to focus my attention on.

 Sometimes it takes weeks, hours, days, and even months to get out of that hole. Luckily, this time was short lived in that dark place.

 And today I turn my focus towards the Spring weather. A reminder that after the very stormy week we had where I live, there is now sunshine.

But not only sunshine. The trees almost appear neon green! You can see the new buds blossoming across each branch and limb, filling the sky. Flowers are budding and the air almost smells sweet.  Birds chirping in the background. The grass is filling back in to its green hue. And I feel the lingering coolness of winter while I rest in the shade of the oak tree.

 I sat out on our patio after work yesterday, just for a few minutes and looked at the sky. What a beautiful sight it was. The juxtaposition of the vibrant green against the cerulean blue sky with the glinting sun peeking through. spring tree

As I sat there, I felt a smile cross my face. After the week I had, I was reminded there is still such beauty in the world. There is still such hope. I don’t get to pick my outcome, but I get to pick what I gaze and admire.

In this Easter season, despite the heartache, pain, and suffering that so often accompanies holidays, I hope your gaze momentarily settles in on the beauty of today. Even just for a moment. As you exhale, I hope you seek truth and purposeful beauty that can permeate the rest of your day.


 One of my favorite spring quotes sits on a ledge in my kitchen.


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