Drugs & Food: Getting Back to the Basics

As I dive head first into the topic of eating the Paleo way, I wanted to stop for a second.

First of all, I am not perfect.

I try my very best, and I’d say with the exception of avocado oil potato chips, baked potatoes, occasional indulgent candy w/real sugar, and once in a blue moon an eighth serving of rice, I stick to it. Some Paleo followers would argue white potatoes can be included, but if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t be able to survive without potatoes whether they were deemed appropriate or not. And yes, I love Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries. They are my sanity. And I try to eat them in moderation. I tell you this so you know that I’m human. I can preach all day about diet, but you have to know I still enjoy food and when I eat those aforementioned foods occasionally, I still feel okay.  But I stick to the Paleo diet 95% of time, because it truly makes me feel well.

And now back to what I was planning on saying, until I decided to be a truth teller.

If you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease and a doctor or other healthcare professional hasn’t talked to you about diet, I just want to be the first person to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you too, like me, had to suffer years and in some cases, entire lifetimes with ongoing pain, inflammation, fatigue, mood swings, brain fog, nerve tingling, weight fluctuations, etc, that you could never put your finger on. I’m sorry if you’ve had to jump from one healthcare practitioner to another. I’m currently on my 8th, and I’m happy to say, I’ve finally found what I needed! I’m also sorry that instead of a doctor addressing the underlying cause of your issue, (for which they don’t really have any choice, since our healthcare system allows so little time to assess and evaluate a patient) they gave you a heavy hitting drug to which brought on a host of other symptoms, to which you then had to take other drugs to combat the side effects of the big prescription drug.

Do prescription drugs help a lot of people? Of course. I’m not knocking every drug out there. I just wish we could change the dialogue a bit. Open our eyes up to the idea that in fact what we consume impacts our skin, our hormones, our GI system, our hearts, our reproductive systems, our brains and nerves, and our emotional wellbeing.   Healthcare doesn’t fit into neat and tidy boxes where you get to go to one doctor to fix one problem dealing ONLY with one system. We are dynamic creatures. And I don’t think anyone could argue that if one part of us feels bad, the rest of us suffers.

And think about this… what if we are eating “well” and still don’t feel good? Then let’s begin looking at the whole picture. Why not also talk about diet, along with stress relief and exercise? Let’s begin offering our doctors support. They are in fact, not gods. (sorry brother and sis-in-law, I love you two forever.) Let’s give them symptoms and offer up what we’ve been eating and bring them research articles. Doctors are simply amazing in what they can offer to individuals, including prescribing drugs that are lifesaving to plenty of people. But it’s also time to believe that what YOU can offer yourself is also equally amazing.

I could also go on a rabbit hole and discuss how backwards and irrelevant our food pyramid is, thanks to big business and corporations. I promise I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It’s just our food system has changed SO dramatically in the past half century to century, the grain production and consumption today in comparison to the grain diet of our grandparents is about as similar as an apple is to a chicken fried steak. Don’t believe me? Google search Monsanto and learn how our food system has been bought and manipulated. I could picket and rally against this, but instead, I’m here to offer this ray of hope in the form of my own experience with this diet paradigm shift.

A Paleo diet. A diet in which you do not consume grains.

Grains are currently an enormous piece of our diet. You know grains? Big contenders on the food pyramid. Grains that are stripped almost entirely of their nutrient density and then “artificially” nutrients are added back on through processing. And did you know that gluten is the most consumed food in America? As in, hundreds of pounds of gluten per person is ingested in America. And why some people would like to say cutting out of gluten is enough, there’s plenty of research to back up just what grains do in your body. A process called agglutination. This “agglutin,” which is part of every single grain, creates an inflammatory response in our body once ingested as though it were a virus or intruder. So when you have a runny nose, and you chalk it up to allergies, it could be grains. When you get a headache, and you relate it to the weather, it could be what you ate. Same thing goes for itchy skin, fatigue, joint pain, stomach pains like bloating, gas, or constipation. All of this is a reaction to something. An intruder. An unhappy gut microbiome. And this agglutin does more. But don’t take my word for it read more here: What is wrong with grains?

And if you’re like me, and don’t have a ton of extra time on your hands or just aren’t a reader, do yourself a favor, and listen in instead. This podcast I’ve shared nearly half a dozen times and would love to share it with every single person I meet. This man is truly an expert in the field of diet and wellness. Dr. William Davis

I hope by reading this, you can understand that a simple switch of removing grains from your diet may be the difference between feeling bad to feeling like yourself again. And if you’re an autoimmune sufferer and have tried everything under the sun, start here. I promise, it’s doable!


Now on a lighter note…. Let me leave you with some happy and fun things since I promised to show you some of what I give my family during the week! Because the truth is, I LOVE food and you won’t EVER see me missing a meal because I forgot or I just wasn’t hungry?!?! Ummm….. who are these people?!


If you’re an avid chips and dip or appetizer Mexican food loving person, these are a MUST have. I make my own guacamole or use store bought salsa and dip these little angels in it.  See here for heaven in a bag. The plain sea salt ones are my favorite but the lime ones are good too!! If you’re from Texas, HEB carries them. And if they don’t, ask them to! Siete Chips

tazaAlso, who doesn’t love chocolate???  The 80% dark chocolate, toffee chocolate, and coconut chocolate are my favorite!  Taza Chocolate

Lastly, I’d be silly if I didn’t link a recipe of Danielle Walker’s on here. One of my family’s very favorite “treats” are these paleo biscuits. I use them to make egg and bacon breakfast biscuits, but my son and hubby snack on these like they are going out of style. Do yourself a favor, and make them ASAP. Heavenly biscuits

And finally, my next post I plan to share a 3-4 day spread of what cooking and meal prepping looks like in our house. Thanks for stopping by!heart


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