Grass is green here, dear!

Do you ever have that grass is greener feeling? Like when you’re decorating your house, getting dressed, or making a meal? Like you know without a shadow of a doubt someone else could do or wear or “just be” it better. They’d have better ideas. They’d be more creative. They’d just make it look better. ETC. etc. ETC. I wish I could say I don’t know that feeling, but unfortunately that feeling is a little too familiar. And honestly, it will sometimes prevent me from changing things or starting a project, especially in my house, because after all, if it’s not as good, as designed, as pretty, or as ___________, (⇐ you fill that blank in) then why bother……. right? WRONG.  It’s time to believe in your space and your ability to express yourself through it. It may feel shaky at first. But look around your house and dig deep. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if your house looked like and outward expression of you and like nothing anyone else had ever seen?

So when it comes to decorating your sacred space, you don’t have to sacrifice function, style, or practicality. Each of those things can be yours. I ask myself lots of questions when I decorate. But the most revealing questions I ask myself when it comes to my home are these:

Is it comfortable?

Could I use it in another space?

 && Do I absolutely love it?

 Obviously, not all large pieces of furniture could be used in multiple rooms, but you get my drift. This leads me to the point of my post. Bookshelves. I have pined and swooned and drooled over built ins like these. built in shelves*Sigh*

Thinking about these bookshelves makes me feel warm and then a little anxious inside at the same time. Why? Because my house doesn’t have built in bookshelves. So what does this mean? Am I doomed from having my one wish? Does it mean I’ll have to pay a contractor a bazillion dollars to get these said shelves? Or better yet should I just go ahead and sell my house?


Honestly, I can’t answer those questions for you, but I can offer a suggestion. Look at it another way. We live in an 8 year old home. It had a prior home owner, so we didn’t get to design all the details of the home. And it’s not a quaint farmhouse from the 1920’s either that we could fix up. But somehow, with time, I’ve grown to adore my house. Even the 2 story part of it.

And did you guess it?IMG_6133


And they weren’t a billion dollars. I LOVE them! They provide a function to my house because they allow me to display my photographs of my family and offer a place to store my slightly obsessive collection of magazine and hard back design books. And my favorite part of these bookshelves is….. if we get sick of them in a certain spot in our home, they get put in a different room. So lookie there—my bookshelves have VERSATILITY. Grass may be greener here now. And boom! Just like that I found my ray of creatively living in my means. And my husband and I didn’t even argue about who decided on buying this house anyways?

I’m here any time you need a little nudge, a little encouragement, or today, even a little style tip 😉

Curious about the bookshelves? Find them here.

White Bookshelves

& another option that’s even cheaper and meant for a smaller space….

Billy Bookshelves


1 thought on “Grass is green here, dear!

  1. gotta agree–it wouldn’t be a real house without bookshelves! fun to read! (you made me laugh)

    Liked by 1 person

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