Behind the rays



Welcome! This is a safe place. A place where dreams are shared. Hearts are warmed. And collective courage and bravery flourish. But first I want to let you in on a secret: I have some unique struggles. And for a very long time, I have outlasted suffering and exploded in growth and strength, but mostly just kept it to myself.spices

But I don’t want my struggles and wins to be just mine any longer. (See blog posts “The Beginning and Beginning Part 2.) Through my suffering, as many others often do, I realized I was strong and capable of more. I had hopes, dreams, ideas and even possibly things to offer to others along the way. These things came before, during, and after the suffering. But these ideas and offerings got stuck, hidden, and stuffed away in a hidden place amongst the grief, awaiting a time that they could burst out into the wide open again.

It’s time. This is what this site represents. That sometimes in the darkest of places and bottomless pits of heartache, there are these beautiful rays of light. And sometimes you IMG_6133don’t get to see the rays amidst the pain, but sometimes you notice these glimmers of light right before or right after the pain lessens. Rays of light I hope to share with you.

A ray of light seen in a medical diagnosis. A ray of light seen with a new eating habit. A ray of light seen through our homes, in the way we dress, in the way we love on our friends and family.

This is my story of the rays of light that I have found along the way.  Take your time. Navigate my story and then dive deep into the world of wellness, life, styling, and




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